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Kendrick Smithyman: Contents of Collected Poems [D]

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VII 1980-84

For the record*
Suburb of Friday, July
Perhaps parable perhaps politics*
Mountain stop*
Seventy years*
    Te Rangi Hiroa/Buck
Some places have
Pasternak: theme with variations*
Pasternak: the making of a poet (6)*
Legend of Saraís gully*
Wairarapa (3)
Guthrie-Smithís Tutira, midmorning
Fin de la belle epoque: Misiaís view*
Death in Venice: Diaghilev*
Peter Dureyís story*
Horsing about
Black-faced cuckoo-shrike
Calling the roll
Christ Church yard, 1984*
Visiting Pasternak
Ministering: an ancient history
All these very long centuries my cousin
Shining cuckoo
Incentives, drives*
Mister Nakamura*
Living in sin
Four brothers and their niece and Balkan states
Works of hands 1, 2, and downtown (3)
Midday and after
Pilot 1943
Marinís story
Not Marinís story
Mister Segedinís sons
Gatsbyís suite for unaccompanied cello (4)
Mower: Ruapekapeka
Kissing Tom
Hand of fortune
Remember Friday
Epithalamial pieces for J/R
Faring: to Forrest Scott on his retiring
The Smither variations: a salute a farewell

Festives People Places Pictures Book
October 1981 - October 1982

Travelling *
Salut au monde *
One night stand *
Report, interim
In transit
Period of adjustment *
He *
October ferry to Swartz Bay
Signs of times
At Oak Bay
Miss Emily [1]
Beside the harbour *
Charles with a growing family wanting
Everything that lives is holy *
Point of debate *
Theatre piece
Bussing *
Miss Emily [2]
Shock treatment*
Miss Emily [3]
Over Lethbridge*

To get together to know one another
Up Yonge Street [1]
Wo ist der schnee
Up Yonge Street [2]
Temperature, lighting, humidity controlled
Living the Literary Life at some Distance
Up Yonge Street [3]
Plus ca change ce n'est pas la meme chose
About Queenís Park
Up Yonge Street [4]
City hall
At that point
Poul and people and picture
Lilia in a red cloak
Susan in a fur coat
Lines for Mrs Jarvis Thurston
Through the Panama
Miss Emily [4]
Piece needing a title something like A moveable feast
At Loon Lake or not far from it
Ontario Pictures*
An Arctic wind
Miss Emily [5]
Environs of Grange Park with figures
How to get things into focus after Wordsworth
A short story somehow wanting depth of field
Gesture of homage to Paul Kane
Case of Mrs F.T.
Malcolm Lowry walking beside
Saturday night

In Ontario
Ed  Gus*
Eating Out
Market piece, Waterloo
Route 8 through Galt

A postcard to Perdita*
Late afternoon, Hamilton, Ontario
God rest you merry at halloween in Hamilton, Ontario*
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day in Hamilton, Ontario*
O Sionís daughter, where art thou?
A Letter to Paul Peel from the CNR
Walking campus
Housing scheme
Alice: about Rose*
Partygoing in London (Ont)*
A Letter to James Ensor from the CPR*
How to get to Dollarton in 1969 and untie useful knots
Airport *
Papeete *
Imperial Vistas Family Fictions


Wild Goats 1
an arrow one shade more to right or left 2
Summer of Ď82 3
Educating father 4
Marking man 5
Pelham 6
Knitting 7
Whatever became 8
Uncle Arthur 9
Another 10
Great Aunt Anne 11
High romance 12
Rounding the Horn 13
Eating 14
Cutty Sark 15
Bard 16
Visitor 17
Visitor two 18
Viking 19
Unsuitable positions 20
Grandfather, life and death 21
Turning tables 22
Imperial vistas 23
Vision 24
Animal studies 25
     One of the Marais clan talking
     One of the Maritz clan
     Perhaps not the same Marais
     Perhaps the same Maritz
Looking at Picture Post 27
Aunt Elsie 28
Recruits 1899 29
Horsetrading: stallions 30
King Solomonís mines 32
He travels fastest who travels alone 33
How little did it need to end it all 34
Recovering 35
Requiem 36
After Vereeniging 37
Palm wine 38
Nothing ventured nothing gained 39
This isnít right 40
Nightingales 41
or a cliff fall 42
with strong slow motion to calm caverns swept 43
Writing letters 44
even the blustering surge forgot to rave 45
Fragment 46
Boston 47
Called to their Colours 48
Gulf 49
London, San Francisco 50
Fish flesh and good red herring 51
1912 52
     Capitalists and victims of, say...
     Money went out as well...
     By the end of September 1912 the best...
From the club 55
Strike 56
Father wrote to Lyttelton 57
Massey's cossacks 58
My old man said follow the band donít... 59
Doing time 60
Tom Young 61
Illicit cargo 62
The boss at Dreketi 83
Society 64
Upriver 65
Idyll 66
Scratchmark 67
Testimonial 68
Looks as though... 69
Max 70
For the record 71
Off to the Trenches 72
Armentieres 73
Allery 74
2 Auckland and 2 Otago led the way over... 75
The year failed into misery 76
Hill 63 77
Neuve eglise 78
Recovering 79
Excursion 80
Trophies 81
Uncle Basil 82
Father... 83
Windsurfers board riders wetsuit people 84
Aunt Agnes 85
Back 86
Fatherís opium war 87
1 September 1921 88
Not being born on Malaita 89
Marking time with Seth Thomas 90
Lodge 91
Fortune Hunting 92
Alec 1 93
Driving 94
Keeping in Touch 95
Kismet 96
How to make 97
Cabaret 98
To Point Chevalier or even further 99
Cheque to your king's children 100
My old man on relief work helped build... 101
Regardless 102
Adaptable 103
Work for idle hands 104
Untitled 105
Sail 106
Diversifying 107
Henderson 108
Indians 109
Boston Road 110
Harry Holland 111
Election night 112
A promised land, land of friendly roads... 113
Things a young person should know... 114
Looking backwards 115
Jack Lee now 116
Inscrutable Chinese 117
Telling stories 118
Veterans of the foreign wards 119
Getting bearings 120
A penny for any old guy 121
Homing 122
Jewel song 123
Pearl 124
Horses for courses 125
A regular at the rising Sun 126
Fitting out 127
Waverley 128
Called to the colours 129
Alec 2 130
Publishing 131
The first time and at last 132
Cotton 133

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