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Kendrick Smithyman: Contents of Collected Poems [D]

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II 1951-55


No penny for the guy*
For the primipara
On first looking into Grantly Dick Read
Love song*
Elegy against a latter day: A.L.S. 1879-1945*
Paihia remembered (18)*
    in memoriam Gunner Stemlock
    quo fas et gloria ducunt
    a round of angles
    Ramsgate (1)
    Ramsgate (2)
    Ramsgate (3)
    Herald Island (1)
    Herald Island (2)
    Herald Island (3)
    Herald Island (4)
    Herald Island (5)
    Indolent evening, a sun sauntering off
    Take spider as omen
    Risible Eros, leaguered at the last
    Herald Island (6)
    Troy burned buries again in smoking cloud
    Left alone the dead and the unborn
At your one sounding shell*
Journey towards Easter (2)*
Fitzgerald’s death (9)
    Ogilvie returns to his wife
    Georgina, as Sybil
    Castlreagh, as himself
    Frescati remembered
    Pamela goes into exile
    The Duchess at her toilet
    His delirium
    Matthew Dowling, fellow prisoner
Occasions (10)*
Country town*
Dropping the tree
First sermon on the Auckland Van Dyk
Second Sermon on the Auckland van Dyk
Third sermon to the text of the Auckland van Dyk
Vision by Mather’s farm*
Mulcahy’s complaint
Be found by every daystep*
Cold song
The morning watch*
Jeremy Webb arraigns the state of man (9)
American primitives (2)
Night walkers
Voyage to Laputa*
Northern story*
Incident at Matauri*
Cahiers de minuit*
Sigh for a crooked Caesar*
Songs from Holbein’s Dance of Death
Beside that wormcold manhauling sea
A tax of islands
A note on the social arts*
New settlers*
Of death by water (8)*


Reflections on siting Utopia
Field study, an epilogue
The art of Florio*
Exequy: of the enduring city (6)
    The potter
    The Gunner’s Report
    The Lieutenant on leave
    The Observer
    The Lieutenant returns to his unit
    The Gunner’s goodbyes to his girl
    The feast of pentecost


Negative of negation*
Now, if only now*
Day of advent*
Infantry story*
Taradedol, dones
Sentimenal piece for our lost youth*
Two backward looks for Mister C (2)*
Another apology to Coelia
To Livia
For Molly McAlister*
Open city
A birthday garland (4)
Recitative and Adam’s air
May tree variations on themes of Stanley Spencer
Conflict of law
Perspectives of the dance
Exile, old style
Precincts of the marble faun*
Viewing the swans*
After Hakluyt
Responsibilities of the critic
Burying the pensioner
Mister Virgil in his latter days*
Mister Macnever
Under the green willow
The victims*
Mulgrave, on the fish*
Now darkness swims its stream
Kemp’s passing*
Friar Lawrence’s farewell*


The dean’s night song
Tam Lin pursued*
Tradition, the individual talent*
Thinking of Otto Petterson*
Small piece in form of prayer
A Jacobean afterdinner story
Gusty day at the typewriter
The invaders, a perspective*
Widow’s walk*
Foreign service
Lines for the gay deceiver*
Opening the heirloom
Fragment from a dynastic comedy
Something childish*
Tent show on the green*
At your right hand*
Two aubades (2)*
Lantern in the moon (6)* [aka Incidental music for The Dream]
    Quartet: Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed
    Two voices from the flies
    The fifth act of Duke Theseus
    Producer to his Puck


Remarkable flight of twenty phoenix birds*
Cousin Emily and the night visitor*
Just an evening in the ranges*
Sonnet tenderly towards morning*
Hint for the incomplete angler*

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