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Strange Land

        for suliete pese

I have never spent
a night
in a cell
at Auckland Central
& whatís more
I have never been a woman
& had a baby
taken from my breast
& not known where
its gone.
Suliete Pese
I guess
you donít need
to see through bars
to read between the lines.
It is
the 18th day
of July
in 1982.
I have never met you
though once I may have
stood beside you
in an assembly
in Penrose.
I may once have heard
your foreign
love & loneliness
on Karangahape Rd.
Most likely
you will never read
this poem
there is no reason
why you should . . . it is dedicated
to you
who were a stranger
an even stranger land.

© Bob Orr

Last updated 11 May 2001