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Len Lye

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What star drips the warm stick
Of candlewax sentiment with tinsel
What strata of earth flies to the sky
To become Santa and sleigh and reindeer riding
Or the manís face in the moon
Of stars blinking a Big Dipper a Great Bear
In childish fancies to decorate
The eyelashes of a doll?
Not in a crabís eye no blink but to differ
Nor decorate the eyelashes of a sea shore to sky
Who can stare out the stare of a crab would swear
By rock sand and seaweed salt sea and sky
Coastbound white flesh held within shell
In mime of the Great White Crab on high
Edging herself behind luminous cloud-slabs incessantly
Performing her crabwalk rites of alchemy
Turning light into silver to hold crabs in thrall
While their feet count
Moon pills
Spider eggs
Pearls of the sea
Prayer beads
Seeds of the seaweed tree.


© Len Lye

Last updated 22 August, 2001