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But please donít and you canít stop you surreal sight seers. Stop. First to ladies and 
gents. Stop. You present. Stop. The mind and to hell on art. Go. A revulsion log long 
overdue. Roll. Though your eye sieves give many an image many a queer romantic facet. 
Start. That canít be helped. Go. Far be it from me to slam any mind doors. Push. But 
where I plumb is to plumb so deep in visual imagery yearns with visual firsts that no 
company association is necessary except : I suppose : mind visual non-literary nigs from 
its own root essences. Whoa. Vanilla spitola outa inner into outer visual graphola or 
plastic or movement or sound strums on the main mind chord making just a tiny clear 
ping. Dit. A ping a sing a no thing or things disguised for the mind only. Yes. For mind 
: by the mind : in visual sign of the Yo ho Yo holy trinity Ė Mind. Self. Time. Thatís trin.
alone everything. Ho. Thatís it then. Stop. O.K. back again O.K. Revolve. O me K. 
Please stop. It canít stop. Keep the medium behind it. O.K.



© Len Lye

Last updated 22 August, 2001