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When youíre in the weather of it donít forget the middlet bit. For instance donít trouble 
time trouble mind: till trouble troubles find: till troubles trouble mind: till trouble trouble 
time Ė is trouble-trouble mind. Thatís a round-a-bout saying for trouble and no trouble 
mind. No trouble mind is act of living grace: trouble mind is act of time face without 
facet. No trouble wild flowers on the bank of the beautiful river: lovely weather afterglow 
weíre having isnít it. Health and gingerbread wealth and early to rise what a constitution 
liviní makes a numb thumbliní thing happy and wood pappy all worldly wise. Yes indeed 
a lovely sunset. The horizon is the pink of it. Very climatic this time of the rheumatic 
pine of the blue ridged year isnít it. Iíd rather smoke a reefer and or sit on a reef than 
commune with the lovely weather of it: in converse, Raining? Spaining? Really? 
Goodbye. Goodbye.


© Len Lye

Last updated 22 August, 2001