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Linger longer Laura, itís not Later yet, weíve done better work before we do it, weíll be 
there. Meanwhile only forever scraping off contact with sticky mess outside until no more 
forever. Not to deny that when itís Later itís everyone knowing better work for comfort 
outside and inside itís Mr. Levine be yourself and on the shelves pin-point statements of 
mental well-being if you want to remember Ė if not, for me a plough or cleaning the streets 
or say what, but without losing touch with everythingís just the same. The marvel just 
now is to know now and yet feel good. I donít want to go home, I was dragged up 
among the tombstones and had and early deceit until I learned that the most the 
monuments stand for is to be found at the foot of any lamp-post and if itís spit then thereís 
the gutter.


© Len Lye

Last updated 22 August, 2001