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An Adolescent Jump Took Place Across a Stream of Trout on a Sidewalk of Fish in Leap-Time

Full of mood Joe just ordered, "Pass the potato Ginger", to bread the rain off his convulvi. 
A one man might park to the same East who sat and pondered himself by noticing the 
cubic space between himself and, say, Columbia University. To meet a psychologist and 
discuss imagery in the prosaic, led to the kitchen. Driving rain made it look not like going. 
Instead, taking a big pair of boa-constrictors for tweezers he fought the water for breath.

A boa-constrictor coyly spiralled all plasticity of atmosphere between here and there.

Now Joe was impounded with solutions by which to prose an idea of Freedom in 
marmalade and cheese.

With these he fought a coal cellar and tong war
in harmony with ink blood and raindrop
spots on stretched ear percussions
Eye skin-tight
He ho-hummed the prosaics
Of values
So he thinks

But is a primrose a misnomer for a pure alonenesser and togetherer
As in a guise he is?

Doth he in his own image own all images? He doth!

"Joe? What maketh thy jump beyond thee to thine?"
"What is where and how and why thy jump?"
"All together, jump!"

An incandescent jump took place across a
stream of trout on a sidewalk of fish
in leap-time.

Faces splashed with Freedom
Windows rinsed with rain
Joe lay immersed

Feeling no pain
Of prosaic.


Len Lye

Last updated 22 August, 2001