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Graham Lindsay

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The thing is

Suddenly it's a comic

strip by Hergé
there's a boat below cliffs proper
to intrigue

                  splendour looms
like a mother ship . . .
The feel

of nothing

there's nothing like
it, knowing what it's like
to be human.
Then the sun comes out

on branches, leaves
patterns of light
and movement
on trunk and rock textures a mulitidimensional

velocity of change, sky the tone

of a García Lorca
poem dark
behind the sunlight, as it were
the sun a spotlight


Constant interruption to

constant return, moment by moment
across damp sand
on hands and knees toward the sea

head back on a dune, face full
of the last rays vivid
stories of the present
the once
upon a time.

The thing is

how do we know it's fiction if

we were the ones
who made it


Graham Lindsay

Last updated 15 July, 2004