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Sweet home
Writing close to thoughtís action
alliteration subtle as tank tracks

effete cheap rhythms and low-grade wisdom
accolades from acolytes
diplomacy to a fault

when the tool fails to account
for its origin we have decadence.


Big G, little g, what difference
does it make? All the proper nouns and pronouns
lower case except one, as a sign of respect?
And what if that one is I
does that make us?

Fleshy growth on the land
insect, animal, locomotive plant
offspring of earth and sky

eating plants, animals, insects
house of a voice intermediary
between earth and sky
voice of the earth and sky
language a spirit like air.


Finally to feel heaven
drench our skulls with the knowledge

and madness of home. After the years
of failure, spiritual cowardice, the fear
of coming through. And who knows

what home is who hasnít been there
who doesnít include joy in the description
who hasnít died?


From Legend of the Cool Secret (Christchurch: Sudden Valley Press, 1999)
© Graham Lindsay

Last updated 23 December, 2003