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The pen misses on the upstroke
and scores the paper. A generous hand

taking up a lot of space. Likewise
the setting's large point size, lacunae.

Meaning sinks in like drops
from a sudden shower

ink on blotting paper, bleeds
into the air the reader breathes

plummets in the body's wellspring
the 'void eternally generative'.

The poet sits in an adjacent chair
shirt unbuttoned to hoary abdomen

his recitation oratorial
conversational; silent

spoken songs.
The sun comes out in the garden

cat crawls on its belly over baked clay sods
betweeen agapanthus and montbretia

luminescent waist-high seedheads.
This is the signature, this his presence

this is how the ink flowed
this is where it missed and scored

the paper like a hung nail.
Copy number 66 in an edition of 1626

at latitude 43o 32' south, longitude
172o 32' east George Oppen was here.


Graham Lindsay

Last updated 15 July, 2004