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A Postcard for Mary

The bach shed crib (whatever
window is hung
to the rains’ sailing chords.
Mary is sweeping
dust which becomes lit
like the air inside incinerators
as the sun tubes out of a northern arc
pier water in the camellia leaves
wheat straw
across the Takapau plains, to
the ardent backs of hills gripping shadow
the New Zealand Mounted Rifles
camped in dusk
bell tents like molluscs
photo /stop.

In the doorway Mary clasps
her pouting abdomen
the mallet beat of her sinews
as the lilac bank in the East lifts
behind the roseate.

In a hole in an oval land
Mary stoops b’fore an open box.


From Public (Dunedin: Ridge-Pole, 1980)
© Graham Lindsay

Last updated 23 December, 2003