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Lesson in Place (over Hills

Where’s Baye where’s Jill where’s Damien
   & Marcus & Sandy?
                                      They’re over there, by the sun.
Where’s Peter where’s Kevin where’s Lisa
   & Rupert, & Lones?
                                      They’re over there, by the sun.

   I’ve taken some photographs
   with my eye
with hills like noses to the left & right
   of the view, depending on the eye.

   They have my two-year boy standing on this hill
   in Havelock North, looking down the hill
grass & sun around his knees.
   Also my favourite rims, which
   I’d like to teach him—

                                          A zone of space in line
with Amners’ great lime block in the orange altocumulus.
   Thence to the ranges, & a place south
   where the homestead is.
Where the people are who we left today.


From Public (Dunedin: Ridge-Pole, 1980)
© Graham Lindsay

Last updated 23 December, 2003