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From Thousand-Eyed Eel (Taylors Mistake: Hawk Press, 1976)

From Public (Dunedin: Ridge-Pole, 1980)

From Big Boy (Auckland: AUP, 1986)

From Return to Earth (Christchurch: Hazard Press, 1991)

From The Subject (Auckland: AUP, 1994)

From Legend of the Cool Secret (Christchurch: Sudden Valley Press, 1999)

From Lazy Wind Poems (Auckland: AUP, 2003)

Tie (Sport8/NZETC)

Prose by Graham Lindsay

About Graham Lindsay


Graham Lindsay reads at The University of Auckland.
Date: 23 August 2002. Audio.
Five Tracks. Duration: 1208"

  • saliva (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 660KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 1.0MB ) 
  •  lullaby (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 600KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 920KB ) 
  •  high heaven (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 690KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 1.1MB ) 
  •  chink (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 700KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 1.1MB ) 
  •  wake (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 620KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 950KB ) 

Alex van den Broek. Collaborating with Graham Lindsay on ‘The Subject’ 2004 (3 tracks)

In Conversation with Michele Leggott

  • The Ballad of Fanny Grace
       lo-fi (rm : 1.4MB, streaming)
       hi-fi (wmv : 12.5MB ) 
  • Cab Dub
       lo-fi (rm : 1.8MB, streaming)
       hi-fi (wmv : 16MB ) 

From nzepc Third Bithday Gala Readings



credit: R Norrie

credit: Bill Lindsay

credit: G Lindsay


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