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Hongi the hundred;
Two great lines in the
Shadow of wind.
On the porch
The yellow bulb
Supplants twilight –
Entrance the kai
Open the beds
Talk late Sleep.
The two lines
One moving one still;
Seek out the hand,
It is wrinkled
It is young;
The arm the face
The eyes interacting,
Two for two
Heads incline,
Meet press smear
Once or again.
From the stem
Of throat phlegm
Of nose a
Plaintive ‘Aiii’
‘Mmmm’ issues.
Eyes retract wet,
Hands shake
Passing one on.
The carved house
Is there behold
The glimpse strengthens;
The joke the laugh
Behold the hand
The arm the face
The eye; Hongi.


From Thousand-Eyed Eel (Taylors Mistake: Hawk Press, 1976)
© Graham Lindsay

Last updated 23 December, 2003