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THE VICTORY HYMN 1935 - 1995


1 Robin Hyde, 1935 Journal. Holograph notebook, Derek Challis Collection; typed copy NZMS 837, APL.

2 Journal, 1 March 1935. Hyde reports on various literary projects in the journal February-July 1935; she also gives accounts of daily life in the extramural ward of a mental hospital where she was a voluntary patient 1933-37.

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18 All quotations from ‘The Victory Hymn’ follow the Chariot Wheels Setting.

19 The Griffin Press was established as an imprint in 1934 but in 1935 Holloway was still working for Robert Lowry at the Unicorn Press.

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23 Rawlinson dates Hyde’s acquisition of a new typewriter in her chronological listing of poems at AU. Paper dating is verified in a letter of 9 January 1984 from Colin Edwards of Charles Morgan & Co. (UK) to David Kerr of Wiggins teape (NZ) which was passed on to Patrick Sandbrook.

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ATL Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

AU University of Auckland Manuscripts and Archives.

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