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Kim Pieters / David Howard: theHEROINsuite (2004)


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He will fill his fists with incense; with his index finger he will sprinkle the bullock’s blood over the mercy-seat, towards the East, for nothing. This is his reward: the air from a tubercular lung, a leper’s grip, the nightly affection of a syphilitic, an arrow’s tip in the back he turned on an impoverished family. He will die, and not from knowledge; he will lie, but without umbrage: And my mother and my sister to the maggot.

2240mm x 1250mm
mixed media on building paper




the abstract science

she shivered, she said there was far too much obedience to the text. (concern expressed about this perceived dominance?) i was obedient to language? i don’t think so tim. i smiled. my bow is deep. i do go there. it is a field. if i cross the studio at this time to watch the light fall.

apparently this is a clashing and at least for thousands of years. other animals: their language is as one with their bodies. they let the rain fall. she, and he did also, i remember, quite separately without prompting: perhaps this was an old discussion, said clash of realms.

but i had thought they were arcing all the time. perhaps not very well. i concede not very well. never very well. sometimes beautifully. they were meant for one another.

a survey of land, a division of goods falling past her not really there, or at least half absent, this thread of incredible amnesia. all the better to fabricate war.

she watched the sky for signs of water.


kfpieters, december 2003

note from ‘theHEROINsuite’
five drawings/eight paintings 2003 by kfpieters

with reference to the poem HEROIN (New York, Washington, Pennsylvania 11 th September 2001) by David Howard


exhibition history

2004 ’theHEROINsuite’ completed. five large drawings. eight paintings.

  • ‘two drawings’ (‘The route you take....’ ‘Like the wind your dignity..’ from theHEROINsuite) Salamander Gallery. Jan 2004. Christchurch.
  • ‘a female perspective’ group show (‘this hair will cover whoever slaughters / whoever burns whoever / gathers the ash’ from theHEROINsuite). Bath Street Gallery. Feb 2004. Auckland.
  • ‘group show’ (‘Who, like the sailors, will come back to tell?’, ‘something has gone under the gentlest swell’ from theHEROINsuite). Bowen Gallery. May 2004. Wellington.


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