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Bibliographic notes for audio and video files


Recordings. I grew up with the late Ian Curtis of Joy Division chanting 'Love will tear us apart', with Siouxsie & the Banshees screaming 'This is the happy house', with Howard Devoto of Magazine swearing 'I will drug you and fuck you under permafrost'. It’s still about listening in darkness, curled on a chocolate candlewick bedspread....

                                       You drift
off into the darkness laughing
softly because you belong
to whatever's beyond the black rock.

Social Studies

The Dakota House #2: Roots (July 2001); collected in Shebang (2000).

To Cavafy

Shebang (2000).

The Perpetual Bird

Shebang (2000); part 6 anthologised in Snapshots on the Journey, ed. Rod MacLeod (2002). Rpt. Catalyst 4 (2005) and simultaneously issued on CD as part of Catalyst Spoken Word Series 1 with music by John White (‘Balloon Adventure Instrumental’).

Talking Sideways

The Pander (1998); collected in Shebang (2000).

On the Eighth Day

Shebang (2000).

Lawyer’s Point

Tattoo Highway #5: Maps & Dreams (2002); Otago Daily Times (2003); collected in How To Occupy Our Selves (2003).


Included in the exhibition Why: Art about the attack on the World Trade Centre & Pentagon curated by Bill Bartee for Quorum Gallery, Dallas, Tx, Nov 2001; Masthead (2001); collected in How To Occupy Our Selves (2003).

The Held Air

Revised and collected in The Word Went Round (2006)


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