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Text from Dinah Hawken, Oh there you are tui! New and selected poems (Victoria UP, 2001) except where otherwise stated. The author and nzepc gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Victoria University Press.

From It has no sound and is blue (VUP, 1987)

From Small Stories of Devotion (VUP, 1991)

From Water, Leaves, Stones (VUP, 1995)

From The Little Book of Bitching (Very Cross Books/Sport 1998)

From Oh there you are tui! (VUP, 2001)

Since 2002 Dinah Hawken has been the convenor of a creative writing workshop at the IIML called Writing the Landscape and during 2004 she was the poet in residence at the Wellington Botanic Garden under the Poets in Workplaces scheme, initiated by the NZ Poetry Society.

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