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Michael Harlow


Publications and Biography  


  • A selection of book covers [Events, Edges, Giotto’s Elephant, Cassandra’s Daughter]
  • The Book of Quiet (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England: Skelton’s Press / Martin Booth, 1974)
  • Texts for Composition (1981). Aula der Kantonschule B ülach, Suisse; Christchurch, NZ. Text with graphic scores by Kit Powell in Vlaminck's Tie (1985).

On-line works

From Events, Greece 1967–1974 (Anglo-Hellenic Publishing, 1975).

From Edges (Lycabettus Press, 1974)

From Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade (Hawk Press, 1980)

From Today is the Piano’s Birthday   (Auckland/Oxford UP, 1981)

From Vlaminck’s Tie (Auckland/Oxford UP, 1985)

From Giotto’s Elephant (John McIndoe, 1991)

From Cassandra’s Daughter (Auckland UP, 2005)

Prose by Michael Harlow

About Michael Harlow


Kit Powell and Michael Harlow. After Babel (1995). Commissioned for performance at the Kykart II Festival, St Petersburg.

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          hi-fi (mp3 : 28MB )

From the Aotearoa New Zealand Sound Archive

  • No problem but not easy
          lo-fi (rm : 360KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 1.4MB )
  • Cassandra’s daughter
          lo-fi (rm : 310KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 1.2MB )
  • Today is the piano’s birthday
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          hi-fi (mp3 : 2.2MB )
  • And Yes
          lo-fi (rm : 240KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 930KB )
  • Magic man
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          hi-fi (mp3 : 8.1MB )
  • But life goes on
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          hi-fi (mp3 : 8.1MB )
  • Cremation blues
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          hi-fi (mp3 : 8.1MB )



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