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Texts / libretti with composer Kit Powell

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In Memoriam William Cumming (2005). Eglisau, Suisse.


By Michael Harlow

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Featured Poet: ‘Such dark silks’; ‘La trapeziste’; ‘And, yes’; ‘Longing for harmonies, letter from Menton’; ‘Desir des harmonies, lettre de Menton’; ‘Reading Mandelstam’; ‘Cassandra's daughter’; 'Cremation blues'; ‘Doppelganger, greetings’; ‘The insomnia notebook, 4 am’; 'Cucumbers and mad apples'; ‘On day-realease’; ‘Anti-gravity’; ‘Learning the language’; ‘The dark twin.’ Poetry NZ 24 (Mar 2002): 10-26.

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About Michael Harlow

Elizabeth Kerr. Rev. of Wellington's 1987 Sonic Circus organised by composer Jack Body in which over 60 New Zealand composers were represented including . . . Kit Powell in association with Christchurch poet Michael Harlow.Listener (5 Dec 1987): 98-99.

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Michael Harlow and Michele Leggott
April 2005

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