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for Michael

In the picture, I am leading you
through the darker rooms of the house
& someone in a blue floral dress flings
her arms wide.   She is very angry under
her straw hat.
                          Angels, like Giotto’s,
hang upside down from heaven.   They are
swart & surly in white boilersuits &
gumboots.   They waver in a low wattage.
And there I am again,
                                      in the doorway
of wrecked train, an orange thread slips
like a garotte, it’s flame & all the angels
yelling ‘Jump!’   I hunker down & lift
a listening face.  
                           It is always too late.   

From of Elephants etc. Wellington: Untold Books, 1990
Bernadette Hall

Last updated 24 March, 2005