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From Cookhouse (Auckland UP, 1997)

From Chrome (Auckland UP, 2000)

From Crosswind (Auckland UP, 2004)

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From nzepc archives, recorded June 2002

  • afternoon tea with Michele Leggott (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 200KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 420KB)
  • drinking thick cappuccino with my daughter in the heart of Cuba Street for the first time (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 220KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 450KB)
  • Yellow (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 2.3MB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 :
  • Second Night of March: Lemon Stack (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 200KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 400KB)
  • Fifth of April: Night Crossing, The Surrender (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 270KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 540KB)
  • Tenth of April: Intersection (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 140KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 310KB)
  • Thirtieth of April: Underwood (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 960KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 510KB)



Paula Green, Intersection Auckland CBD, February-June 2005
Credit: Deborah Smith


Paula Green

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