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Fiona Farrell


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On-line works

From Cutting Out (AUP, 1987)

From The Inhabited Initial (AUP, 1999)

From The Pop-Up Book of Invasions (AUP, 2007)

New poems

Prose by Fiona Farrell


From Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive

  • Mary Lawry’s Song
          lo-fi (wma : 400KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : KB )
  • Lucy Rainbow's Song
          lo-fi (wma : 340KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 900KB )
  • from Words, War, Water: Preface
          lo-fi (wma : 320KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 4.1MB )
  • Hamed Ameri’s Skull Won’t Stop Growing
          lo-fi (wma : 800KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 900KB )
  • Instructions for the Consumption of Your Humanitarian Food Package
          lo-fi (wma : 2.7MB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 3.3MB )

From nzepc archives


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