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A.R.D. Fairburn

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hitched up my bundle 
went down the street
long way to go
walking on my feet

went past Charleyís
didnít turn in
broke to the wide
had a good spin

toting my gunny
hit the south road
long way to go
got a heavy load

tired already
walking on my feet
dust in my mouth
and damn this heat

bloke just passed
had a spare seat
left me behind
walking on my feet

all my life
always on the go
keep on doing
the old heel and toe

put one in front
then put the other
same old way
I learnt from my mother

blister on my heel
donít know when Iíll eat
same old business
walking on my feet

I know where Iím going
walking on my feet
reckon when I get there
Iíll be dead beat

wonít get a woman
wonít find gold
pockets will be empty
bed will be cold

never will be worried
never want a snack
donít worry lady
I wonít be back

I know where Iím going
where Iíll lie down
nice quiet place
long way from town

long way to go
Iíll sleep all alone
fingers round the earth
earth round the bone

living rent free
on easy street
never any more
go walking on my feet

© A.R.D. Fairburn

Last updated 26 June, 2002