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A.R.D. Fairburn

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I have come back as a stone falls to earth.
         I have come back from the loneliness of the world
to the sunlit hills and meadows that gave me birth.
         My heart is a ship, and all her sails are furled.

I have grown old in the wilderness of the seas;
         I have felt the world slipping from under my feet;
but now I am home at last where the olive trees
         sleep in the silver dusk, and the flowers are sweet.

For though the heart grow desolate, thought it roam
         forever in vain the ways of earth, in quest
of high and lovely things, yet it comes home
         in the end to the waiting arms, and finds its rest.

But I shall hear in dreams the sea that swirls
         about those hungry rocks, and the wild gullsí cries;
and always Iíll remember the singing girls Ė
         the pale beseeching hands, and the pitiful eyes.

© A.R.D. Fairburn

Last updated 23 June, 2002