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Texts from A.R.D Fairburn Selected Poems (Victoria UP, 1995), ed. Mac Jackson, except for ‘The Voyage.’

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From A.R.D. Fairburn Reading Six of His Poems (Mermaid Press, 1958)

  • Full Fathom Five (nzepc)
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       hi-fi (mp3 : 640KB ) 
  • A Farewell (nzepc)
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      hi-fi (mp3 : 400KB )
  • The Cave (nzepc)
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  • Walking on My Feet (nzepc)
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Fairburn Writes Mason. Excerpts from taped talk at Auckland University College, 8 April 1957 (nzepc)
  • Letter to Mason from Norfolk Island, 26 November 1926
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  • Letter to Mason from Auckland, 18 January 1928,
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  • Letter to Mason from Clench Cobham, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, 31 July 1932
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  • Mason reads Fairburn's 'Lines for a Revolutionary' (1932)
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       hi-fi (mp3 : 950KB ) 

 Ross Mullins, setting of Rhyme of the Dead Self

 My Imaginary Journey (Public Address)


  • University of Auckland. FAIRBURN, A.R.D. (Arthur Rex Dugard), 1904-1957.  Papers. 1926-1927; ca 1930-ca 1957. [Description]

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