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On-line Works

From South Pacific Sunrise (Penguin, 1986)

From People of the Land (Penguin, 1988)

From Empty Orchestra (Auckland UP, 1995)

From Rhyming Planet (Steele Roberts, 2001)

From Fast Talker (Auckland UP, 2006)

New/uncollected poems

Prose by David Eggleton

A selection of reviews

  • Fleur Adcock, Looking Back
  • James K Baxter, Collected Poems
  • 3 books about art in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Charles Brasch, Harmonising My Starting Place (Listener)
  • Warwick Broadhead, The Long Night, The Passing night
  • Alan Brunton, Fq
  • Allen Curnow, Early Days Yet
  • The Democracy of the Poem
  • 6 Dunedin artists, Echo Chamber
  • Living in Dunedin
  • Islands: Moving South to North in a Survey of Recent NZ Poetry (Listener)
  • Michele Leggott, Milk and Honey
  • Sudesh Mishra, Diaspora and the Difficult Art of Dying
  • Stephen Mulqueen, Tiwai (Scan)
  • John Pule and the psychic territory of Polynesia (Art NZ 99)
  • Red Mole, The Book of Life
  • Kendrick Smithyman, Atua Wera
  • Hone Tuwhare, Shape-Shifter

About David Eggleton

  • Interview with Nick Ascroft (nzepc/Glottis 7)
  • Richard Reeve, ‘Global Soul Coughing Its Guts Out’: David Eggleton and the Question of Alien Trash ( nzepc/Glottis 7)


Six Pack Sound

Poetry Demon [Album details]

  1. We Are Driven [mp3: 2.6MB]
  2. Auto Eject [mp3: 3.1MB]
  3. I'm Back [mp3: 2.5MB] )
  4. Junkie Entertainment This Week [mp3: 1.9MB]
  5. I was George Orwell's Hairdresser [mp3: 4.2MB]
  6. Another Kick [mp3: 3.8MB]
  7. Brave New World Order [mp3: 4.4MB]
  8. The Breakfast Cereal Killer Inside Me [mp3: 4.1MB]
  9. Bingo [mp3: 5.9MB]
  10. Prime Time [mp3: 2.3MB]
  11. Are You Economically Sound [mp3: 3.9MB]
  12. From A Whisper to a Scream [mp3: 3.1MB]
  13. Stop the World [mp3: 3.5MB]
  14. Visions of Erewhon [mp3: 3.67MB]
  15. Don't Rewind [mp3: 3.0MB]
  16. Hit On Me [mp3: 2.5MB]
  17. Deathstyles of the Poor and Anonymous [mp3: 3.0MB]



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