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Leigh Davis

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               Time the Destroyer
Through storms off troubles you go Willy-
small lieders off the side off your face,
little hang downs, chin up. P(A and B) -
for two independent random variables
is P(A). P(B). How stands the wind,
from the north? Who would know, you
going into the bank at midday? P(X+Y=6)
willy86 in trees off old, that's landing there,
long arias you can see, are clouds,
are shaping up: sum off ( x-x) 2p(x).
Through numberless relations you

be off, a certain width, a reach, or what's
a heaven for, my sextant? - how stands the wind?
Penants are tugging down the sides of your masts.





Last updated 6 October, 2009