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Leigh Davis

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          Moment of Purchase

  1. It's Saturday morning and I'm OK.
  2. Across the roadworks, under the Met office,
    into the future.
  3. So have your shoes tread enough? Your plimsoles?
  4. I float on the water
  5. Face first, momentarily.. silent over the paper.
  6. Me and her & the Dakotas (and Reggie).
  7. Is there a track, a lattice, a sayle,
    a point d'appui? It was sky blue when S drove down
    the desert driveway, she's a wonderful site.
  8. (W, turning around) Yes: pants, sox,
    knickers (our contract).
  9. Bright boating (pass the oranges).. young,
    still, and still smiling (I like your green cardigan).



Last updated 4 October, 2009