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Leigh Davis

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Willy's danger or reward, the wind
over the tower / and the bleachers the sea formed
for the cod fishermen, their long rods off the reef
(mayflies on the window).. of those at sea (thinks)
'how much to toss and stay stable/'
(bits shift, doors and bulbs swing)
as the beam sweeps bluff's left dark
(peer of a car's mains off a cliff bend).
S. on the reef (an initial only,
but it's me's crooked, too pushy
I'm afraid) - she to friends (heedless):
'We'll come later' but the wind's too strong (phrase drops)..
I'm Willy and lonely here. S reappears (bluff lights
and goes) her white face wide open and flashy


Last updated 4 October, 2009