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Leigh Davis

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The English built pink houses in rectangles,
the Napier Carlton- and deep verandahs for colonies
where the light was right- willows and water
blown over a red roof and the shadow of a bridge..
to the left of the group in the Art Gallery Willy's
a detector, with the wind-burnt face of a boater..
pieces like the suited smoker on the breakwater
of 1912, and the exposure of the sail
on the westharbour (dit dit) he gathered like fry..
few saw displayed in the lime cones on the crockery
Wyndham Lewis, but Willy did, who picked the school's scatter
and snapped half a reel of the whitebaiters for the river-
mouth's light in their baskets, while under the punt
were bright English in the galleries.


Last updated 4 October, 2009