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Leigh Davis

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You're a big ghost, Jim St John,
nice sheen on your forehead and noseridge's catchy,
spread over the billboard, nine years later..
I was in the mind for Jerusalem, but early Willy's like
a 1972 Listener. Barefoot for forty miles in the rain,
kenosis, (who were you reading?)..
Then our literati were known for their sandals,
their misery.. & talent, leisure, demography,
capital, markets, blew old icons up
into large collected poems, where the audience knew
the hagiography, or were instructed: 'What is the inward
part, or thing signified? The Body of Christ, taken indeed.. '

Who was Gaudier-Brzeska ? (For what Willy assumes
you shall assume, take it upon yourself).



Last updated 4 October, 2009