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In Memoriam Robert Creeley (1926-2005)

Memorial Gathering - University of Auckland, 13 April

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Robert Creeley's association with New Zealand dates from 1976 when he visited at the invitation of Alistair Paterson and the New Zealand Students' Arts Council and read in the (then) six university cities, beginning in Dunedin and working north. In Dunedin he also met Penelope Highton, to whom the poem 'So There' is dedicated. They were married in Buffalo, NY in 1977 and have two children, Will and Hannah.

A group of poems written on the 1976 tour was published later in the year under the title Hello by Alan Loney at Hawk Press at Taylors Mistake near Christchurch. 'So There' was one of these poems and was later released as an audio single featuring 'spoken word by Robert Creeley and his Mercury Rev Orchestra.'

Creeley's 1995 teaching residence as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Auckland renewed links with poet friends at a time when the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo was establishing itself as a primary international resource for experimental American poetry. Creeley's founding role in the EPC project, itself an outgrowth of the graduate Poetics Program at Buffalo, was a logical extension of his tireless commitment to the 'locating company' of innovative poets and poetics.

Creeley arrived in Auckland ahead of his family at the end of May 1995. He taught and read to graduate and undergraduate classes at the university and wrote 'The Dogs of Auckland,' an eight-part meditation on time and place, memory and death. He read an in-progress version of the poem to a packed-out Café Alba in the city. It was then published by Meow Press in Buffalo as part of his 70th birthday celebrations, and issued in a limited edition from the Holloway Press in Auckland, with ink drawings by Max Gimblett. Alan Loney was the Holloway printer and commissioned the collaboration.

Robert Creeley has taken an active and generous interest in the development of the nzepc and it is with great pleasure that we feature his New Zealand connections on the site and announce affiliation with Buffalo's EPC.

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  • Manuscript of So There (nzepc/Stanford University)


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