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Janet Charman


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  • The Covers: Janet Charman looks at the cover art of Rapunzel, Rapunzel and snowing down south 

On-line Works

From 2 deaths in 1 night (New Women's Press, 1987)

From red letter (AUP, 1992)

From end of the dry (AUP, 1995)

From Rapunzel, Rapunzel (AUP, 1999)

From snowing down south (AUP, 2002)

New poems


About Janet Charman


  • snowing down south (nzepc)
       lo-fi (rm : 200KB, streaming)
       hi-fi (mp3 : 290KB ) 
  • open the drawer for (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 625KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 1.0MB )
  • i made a window in the script for this (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 190KB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 270KB)
  • at dancing you're required to cartwheel (nzepc)
      lo-fi (rm : 1.4MB, streaming)
      hi-fi (mp3 : 2.3MB)


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