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Alan Brunton



At Island Bay
(for Alan Brunton)

I see you once more, slipping away;
On a ship slipping past the headland:

Slipping into the silent light,
Shaking free the shadowy wake.

Nothing more, nothing less, than this:
A vista from a sun-drenched beach.

This is it! Ésta es tu playa!
Los barcos vienen. Los barcos se van.

Y brilla el sol, sobre la arena,
Como el sol de las playas caribeñas.

The waves gather in the fleeting light,
As the sun slips by, like you;

Gone from the glittering stages,
Beyond the bright lights of beaches,

Slip-ways; cities, runways. You are
Travelling now! Lighter than air.

Lighter than ever! You are slipping away
With the sun in your pocket,

Whistling, in perfect pitch
A soundless song, a seamless sonnet!

Ron Riddell
Seatoun, 22 November 2002


Last updated 03 December, 2002