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Alan Brunton


The Day AB Died

For Alan, on the wild-side

It is 9.40 am in Wellington,
the other side of the world
a long way from Holland, 
and Kim’s back-on-air
doing her damnedest to brighten the Saturday
but the news is all I hear. 

I go about my day
do my usual chores, thinking I have left
something, lost something but where? ...

I drive through town,
return some books;
it rains and I think I will buy

by Neil Finn;
Brazil play Germany tomorrow. 

And I’m driving along the Quay
where he bought me a drink the day
before Xmas, toasting our lasting
success as ‘publishers’. He gave me some
good advice about punching
at fog, and we talked of Lou Reed
and I did my do-do do-da-do impression
badly, while he sat
complaining a lot about the ‘No. 1 Kiwi’ song ‘Nature’

was it rigged??!

and then, as he left, he walked off with a smile
both of us thinking it
might last forever...

Mark Pirie



Last updated 27 November, 2002