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"seize the bowl
and give the cup: choose riot" -

Hunger for the sweet
Hunger for the sour
            for the bitter, Hunger
for the salt
white and incorruptible money
of what we are
the immemorial atoms we sweat
of sodiums from the remote
Precambrian age
that circulate in our veins

Hunger thatís like a thirst
but not for water
Hunger for an origin so bad
mamas cram themselves with dirt
the genital salt of the earth
Hunger for the salt thatís left out
for the Dead
in spontaneous acts and devotions

Hunger for the salt
when the startled heart leaps
when we start-up
like salt-eaters in a jungle
Hunger for the salt we become
when we zoom to the miraculous sleep
Hunger for you, my friend
salt in excess to me

from  Step This Way (1996). Unpublished collection.


© Alan Brunton 

Last updated 11 May 2001