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CHECKLIST 1995 - 2002
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Experimental texts & investigative cultural studies charting the popular history of New Zealand & particular moments when definitions changed.

Bumper Series
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Sally Rodwell, dir., Zucchini Roma: A Life in the Theatre. Red Mole Video.
Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwell, Day for a Daughter. Untold Books 1989. Poems.

Alan Brunton, goin' to Djibouti. Playscript.
Alan Brunton, Romaunt of Glossa: A Saga. Poems.
Gordon Spittle, Beat Groups & Courtyard Parties. Cultural Studies.

Alan Brunton and The Free Word Band, 33 perfumes of pleasure. Compact disk.
Alan Brunton, ed., Writing Island Bay. Anthology.
Alan Brunton, Years Ago Today: Language & Performance 1969. Cultural Studies.
Rick Bryant, Clever Monkeys. Song lyrics.
Martin Edmond, Chemical Evolution: Drugs & Art Production 1970-80. Cultural Studies.

Alan Brunton, Moonshine. Poem.
Bill Direen, A Memory of Others: Thirty Lyrics and a Letter to the Reader. Song lyrics.
Anna Hoffman, Tales of Anna Hoffmann Part One. Autobiography.
Barry Saunders, White Man's Blues. Song lyrics.

Sally Rodwell, dir., Heaven's Cloudy Smile. G.G. Films / Red Mole Video.

Anna Hoffmann, Tales of Anna Hoffmann Part Two. Autobiography.
Gerald Melling, b. 1943. Poems / prose.
Charlotte Yates, One Lady Driver. Song lyrics.
Mark Young, The Right Foot of the Giant. Poems.

Alan Brunton, Comrade Savage. Playscript.
Sally Rodwell, with Alan Brunton, Gonne, Strange, Charity. Playscript.
Jack Ross, Nights with Giordano Bruno. Novel.

Angeline Conaghan, Cerulean Blue. Compact disk.
Sally Rodwell and Alan Brunton, dir., City of Night. Red Mole Video.
Shahin Yazdani, dir., Krapp's First Video. Theatre & Film Studies (U Canterbury) Video.

Alan Brunton, Ecstasy. Poems.
Alan Brunton, ed., The Brian Bell Reader. Cultural Studies.

Sally Rodwell and Alan Brunton, dir., Crazy Voyage. Red Mole Video.

Alan Brunton, Fq. Poems.
Martin Edmond, Fenua Imi: The Pacific in History and Imaginary. Cultural Studies.

Red Mole / The Space, Nietzsche / Zarathustra. Compact disk.


Martin Edmond, Michele Leggott, Sally Rodwell
for Bumper Books September 2003
Originally published in brief #28 (Spring 2003)

Last updated 17 October, 2003