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(A conversation about snow)

What if it snows on Monday
or Wednesday?
What if it snows on Wednesday
and you didn’t do the wide shots on
Monday and you’re in the car, looking out
and it’s not snowing! People will see that.
Or if there’s no snow on the ground,
they’ll notice that. Or if there’s snow
on the ground Tuesday, but not on Wednesday,
because you’re towing the hearse, of
course, for those shots, and if it snows
heavily we won’t be able to use the
road. We won’t even be able to get
in there.
But what if you start shooting Monday
and it snows on Tuesday?
They can tell usually, that’s the thing.
But what if it snows
Monday and it’s all gone
by Wednesday? Or say it’s fine
Monday and Tuesday, then it snows
Wednesday – you’ve only got
three days.
Three days! What can happen in three days!
A lot, especially when it comes to weather.
But they know usually, they can tell. They look
up, they sense it in the air, the
snow, when it comes.
Well we’ll just go up there and hope it doesn’t
snow. Or if it does, if it snows
Monday then we’ll do the wide shots, because then
we’ve got it, the snow, it’ll be there when they look
out the window


From These Days (VUP, 2000)

Jenny Bornholdt

Last updated 16 February, 2005