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The movies

She wore a red dress.
She wore a blue dress.
The old house has
up to the front door.
It opens.
It shuts.
The bell won’t ring.
She faints at the sight
of flowers.
We think the nurse
is a bad egg.
A red hand
is danger.
Crocodile eyes
are good luck
and so is clover.
Even the fish
will remember.
The child is in danger.
You can smoke discreetly
in the library.

Sophie is the one
to watch.
Can I have the key
to the small trunk?
You look beautiful in red.
You look beautiful in blue.
Oh hold me close
It is hereditary.
Your wife was
my sister.
Your future is the present.
The child has become
a nun.
Let’s go boating.


From Moving House (VUP, 1989)

Jenny Bornholdt

Last updated 16 February, 2005