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A party under the trees
Kanga and Roo are here
Pooh, with a blue balloon
is on his way. We’re assembling
the cake, which Cornell
would approve of –
not our method of assembly
but the cake itself.
A man whose days
were punctuated
by sweetness.
Coming up from his basement
where he constructed boxes,
honoured ballerinas,
he would head out to the bakery
before wandering in search of
collectibles to add to his ‘galaxy
of everyday objects’.
Like Rosalie, scouring the countryside
for old road signs –
things their orbit
in the same way the unborn child
is ours. There’s Rosalie’s husband, too,
a man with ‘heaven
at his fingertips’, still searching
the sky, while Rosalie
is gone to ground in the garden
her reassembled signs
pointers on the road to a
rough kind of beauty.


From These Days (VUP, 2000)

Jenny Bornholdt

Last updated 16 February, 2005