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Close your eyes.
Count to one hundred
slowly, out loud
so we can hear the numbers
check out
against the breeze.
We are all in the back garden
somewhere see
if you can
find us
behind the hedges
the rough clumps of trees.
You look in all
the wrong places.
this is a new game
a different back yard.
You’ll have to think again
the fences are all in different places
trees conceal new spaces.
Here – see if you can find me
here – behind the tree
see, a clue for you
blue dress floating out
like a flag
here – I surrender
the others have all gone home
here – I’m here, out here on the lawn
can you see me
over here
see me.


From This Big Face (VUP, 1988)

Jenny Bornholdt

Last updated 16 February, 2005