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Poems of departure

The idea of separation
affords us the greatest intimacy
‘I am going away’ means
you can open your arms
with the greatest of ease
the risks are minimal from
now on
and because there is nothing to lose,
only miles to cover,
the honesty can be
we go out to each other
in a new way
with a sense of loss
I am speechless with
the distance of it.
Words stretched out across the
plains don’t
thread together
it is too far to go between
the hedges to get
Really, the act of leaving defies
all reasoning.
The subtlety of it is contained in
each step taken towards
the doorway
in the packing and sealing of boxes
in the suitcases
the empty walls.

From This Big Face (VUP, 1988)

Jenny Bornholdt

Last updated 27 May, 2013