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I find vegetables fatiguing
And would rather buy them in a shop.
But to the right-minded person the soul of his holding
Is the parallel-rowed, neat, early, vegetable plot.

‘I hope you like the colour-pattern of this garden, –
White flowering creepers by the white painted cottage,
By the middle path red roses, purple underlings,
By the east path, yellow, and pale and dark violet,
Here gentlest pink all interspersed with lilac,
And here I design blues, sapphire blues –
          Rich and rejoicing, is it not, to the spectator?’

‘Yes, very nice, very nice indeed . . .
How well your beans and cabbages are coming on.’


From a Garden in the Antipodes (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1929)


Last updated 9 April, 2005