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Six Memorials

October 1935

The green has come back, the spring green, the new green,
Darling, the young green upon the field willows,
And the gorse on the wild hills was never so yellow,
Together, together, past years we have looked on the scene.

The loved little bird is singing his small song,
Dearest, and whether the trill of the riro
Reminded, we wondered, of joy or of sorrow –
Now I am taught it is tears, it is tears that to spring time belong.

You were laughter, my liking, and frolic, my lost one,
   I must dissemble and smile still for your sake,
   Now that I know spring time is heart-break,
Now you have left me to look upon all that is lovely, alone.

From Collected Poems (Caxton, 1960)


Last updated 10 April, 2005