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All day long, prismatic dazzle,
Clashing of musics, challenge, encounter, succession;
Gear-change on the up-and-down-hill of hypothesis;
Choice, choice, decision, events rivetting shackles;
Hazardous tests, new wine of escape . . . oh, strange noviciate!
Bright stimulus, venture, tension, poised preparedness.

But at midnight, infinite darkness,
Opulent silence, liberty, liberty, solitude;
The acrid, mountainy wind’s austere caresses;
Rest, rest, compensation, very suspension of death;
Deep stillness of death, dark negation . . . ah, thy heart-beat,
Origin, Signification, dread Daysman, Consummator.


From Day and Night (Caxton, 1939)


Last updated 10 April, 2005