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Ursula Bethell


Secrets of Felicity: Letters of Ursula Bethell

selected and introduced by Peter Whiteford




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Rainbird (Riro-Riro) at Christmas-tide.

Carol sweetly, riro-riro,
Shadow in a shady tree,
Trill us gaily, purely, sweetly,
Secrets of felicity;
For she bore Him, Mary, Mary,
At this time Who came to be
Cradled in a stable poorly
Lord of might and majesty.

Scents of jasmine white, or lily,
On a soft wind from the sea
Are the spices summer mingles
At the great Nativity;
For she bore Him, Mary, Mary,
At this time a King to be,
And the princes bowed in wisdom,
Shepherds in simplicity.

Carol, carol, riro-riro,
Sweetly, sadly, secretly,
For your burden, Mary, Mary,
They will nail Him to a tree;
They will rail on Him and rend Him,
End for all the world to see:
In a garden early, Mary,
We shall know the victory.

Carol, riro, in the garden,
Flowers, let your perfume be
Incense for the early darkness
Of the noon's nativity;
For she bore Him, Mary, Mary,
At this time, and merrily
Shall we keep the high feast yearly,
Of the saving mystry.

For this cause we make all music
Angels' news, and birds astir
Chorsiters, and all our treasure
Gold and frankincense and myrrh;
For this cause we light our candles,
Turn our fearfulness to mirth,
Sing again the ancient carols
At the uttermost ends of earth.


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