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Ten Books

Poetry might be said to generate along the seam between inner and outer language where the notions of either join or part them, on a shoreline between the conscious and the unconscious mind, a place of phase-change where a poetic awareness of both states enables creative work.


1982 "Homing In" looks at language operating at the interface between subjective and objective experience.
1984 "Anti Gravity" looks outwards to test language and allow rein to unruly expressive forces, demanding control of musical elements.
1986 "Wild Sweets" is concerned with concision in a reference field of quantum physics.
1988 "Benzina" continues the meniscus exploration and considers the behaviour of the benzene molecule.
1990 "Berlin Diary" examines a man-made meniscus in concrete form, with global awareness.
1993 "Crikey" brings together selected poems from the previous books with more recent poems indicating an approach to new cultural experience.
2000 "Markings" looks afresh at place and landscape and the transition between states of experience through some kind of meniscus, in this case the autoclave, to explore the effect of a new viewpoint on the poetic language.
2001 "Axis" selects poems from previous volumes and places them alongside
visual musical ideas demonstrating a unity of theme over thirty years.
2002 "Soundings" deals with acclimatising to place and culture and considers questions of colonialism in history and language.
2005 "Fire-penny" examines the everyday in the light of the imagined past and of personal experience.


Last updated 13 April, 2006