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From the Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive

  • Section 1: Labour Friday, Coastal Classic (from The Office of the Dead)
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          hi-fi (mp3 : 4.4MB )
  • Section VIII: The Other Day (from The Office of the Dead)
          lo-fi (wmv : 120KB, streaming)
          hi-fi (mp3 : 15MB )


From Station of Earthbound Ghosts

Leigh Davis’s flags mark an important intervention in the unfurling story of poetry. These context-infused, resonant works, bring the practice of site-specific and visual poetry around several corners and into another, ‘new-old’ dimension. The catalog, with its processural design and informative, thought-filled, essays, provides geographic, conceptual, political, ethical, and historical extensions to the work that flutters at the heart of this breathtaking, and breath-restoring, project.

Charles Bernstein, 1998






Leigh Davis 1955-2009



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